General Business Conditions

AppartementPension Zum Zacherl

Hans Zacherl
Kirchenstrasse 1 a
85622 Feldkirchen

Tel:    +49 (89) 99 02 39 0
Fax:    +49 (89) 99 02 39 97


1. Contract agreement

  • The accomodation contract is effective as soon as the booking has been confirmed or if the time is too short, as soon as accommodation has been made available.
  • If the booker is a qualified trader, then he will be held responsible for all contractual obligations for all his registered guests.
  • The client is responsible to the hotel for the payment of the booked rooms and any extras (e.g. Drinks, Telephone etc.).
  • The conclusion of the guest acceptance contract obligates the contract partner to complete the contract, whatever the length of the contract is.
  • The guest is obliged to fulfil the signed contract whether or not he actually uses it, i.e. by no show the agreed price will be charged.
  • The host is obliged to try and re-rent the rooms, in such cases. The guest must pay for any rooms that have not been re-rented during the period he had booked.

2. Arrival and Departure

  • On arrival day the room will be available as of 15:00 hours.
  • On departure day the room has to be vacated by 11:00.
  • Check-in must be before 18:00 unless the Hotel is otherwise informed. After this time the Hotel can rebook the room. The room is automatically booked for late arrival when written confirmation has been made.

3. Price

  • The prices include VAT.
  • If the percentage of VAT changes after the booking contract has been made, then the changed VAT will be charged.
  • If the time between booking and arrival date in longer than 4 months, we have the right to change the prices, without informing the contract partner.

4. Deposit

  • A deposit of 50% of the costs can be requested at the time of reservation.
  • If the deposit is not made by the agreed time, then the Hotel is exonerated from all agreements.

5. Cancellation

  • All cancellations must be written.
  • A free cancellation can be made up to a month before arrival

6. General

  • We reserve the right to correct mistakes, printing or calculation errors.
  • Verbal communication will only become effective with written confirmation from the Hotel.
  • Place of jurisdiction for all conflicts is Munich, place of deliver is Feldkirchen.
  • In case of change of the one of terms and condition of this contract, it does not affect the other terms and conditions of this contract.